‘We are going to re-sign Mike Conley’

Mike Conley has spent all nine years of his NBA career with the Memphis Grizzlies, and he is headed for unrestricted totally free agency this summer season. The Grizzlies obviously want him back, but he will surely have various suitors offering large contracts. Some of them could provide him a much better chance to win a title, too. Memphis basic manager Chris Wallace appared on “The Chris Vernon Show” on 92.9 FM ESPN on Wednesday, and to say he sounded optimistic on this subject would be an understatement:”We are undefeated in re-signing our core players, and we’ll stay so. We’re going to re-sign Mike Conley” – Chris Wallace
April 20, 2016Back in January, Wallace made the same exact point to CBS Sports’ Matt Moore: “If you look back at the five years since the tide has turned for this franchise, we have re-signed every core player for the Memphis Grizzlies.” Then, after February’s trade deadline, Grizzlies vice president Ed Stefanski told Sirius XM NBA Radio, “I believe Mike will be back in a Grizzly uniform.” The front office has clearly thought highly of its chances for some time, but Wallace’s statement is as direct as possible. It even makes you wonder whether Conley might have already indicated he plans to return.If you’re a Memphis fan, this is the best possible thing to hear after watching your team lose its first two playoff games by a combined total of 58 points. This season has been tumultuous, but the franchise’s future is still relatively bright as long as Conley and center Marc Gasol are under contract. They have been pillars for this team for years, and they’re still in their primes.Gasol signed a five-year maximum contract last summer season. It seems safe to say it would be a surprise if Conley didn’t do the same. Mike Conley is expected to keep rocking with all the Grizzlies.

Curry feeling greater but isn’t confident if he’ll play in Game 3

Stephen Curry’s sprained right ankle is feeling better but he isn’t confident if he will be able to play on Thursday night in Game three of Golden State’s first-round playoff series against the Houston Rockets. Curry talked about his health after practicing on Wednesday when the team arrived in Houston. “Based on how I feel right now I probably couldn’t play,” he said. “But tomorrow it could be different.” Based on how I feel right now I probably couldn’t play. But tomorrow it could be different. – Stephen Curry Curry missed Game 2 after he was hurt in the opener of the series. The Warriors overcame his absence to get a 115-106 victory and take a 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven series. Last season’s MVP said he doesn’t feel like he could play right now because he isn’t able to “go full speed, or game speed, I should say and have confidence in the moves I need to do.” Golden State coach Steve Kerr was encouraged by how Curry looked on Wednesday. “You couldn’t see anything today as far as a limp,” he said. “So he’s doing a lot improved.” Curry, who led the NBA with 402 3-pointers in the regular season, made 3 after three on Wednesday in the portion of practice that reporters were able to view, but insisted he didn’t look as good early in the workout. “Y’all got here late,” he said. “I missed (some) … obviously I want to be healthy and not put myself in danger of having this linger or having problems down the stretch, but you want to keep the rhythm and momentum that we’ve built and not get rusty. So hopefully we can accomplish both.” Kerr is also concerned with that balance. Steph Curry: Should He Sit? Is there a point in bringing back Steph during this series, or should the Warriors save him for round 2? “It’s funny because people say: `Just give him like two weeks off his ankle will be fine,”‘ Kerr said with a laugh. “Yeah, but what about his shooting arm? What about his handle? Players want to play . So there’s always a rest versus rhythm equation in there somewhere that we have to factor in.” Curry said it’s not just that he isn’t able to do all the things he normally can on the court right now, but that there is some pain that accompanies his injury. “There’s a certain threshold of soreness that you can deal with, and if it kind of rolls into pain where things shut down if you get into a certain position or whatnot, that’s what I want to avoid,” he said. Curry, whose 30.1 points per game in the regular season led the NBA, was impressed by the way his teammates stepped up with him sitting out in Game 2. Even though he has confidence that his teammates could perform like that again, he’s itching to get back on the court. “It’s obviously a good safety net to know that we have such a deep, talented team that all those guys are capable of going out there and winning a playoff game and doing their job,” he said. “It’s a good thought to have, but I want to assess where I am based solely on (health). Not try to look at the circumstances.”

Reservation assists On Wall section cut half assists, 6 + 14 led double victory

Wizards 127-118 win over the 76ers, four games before the preseason 3-1, Walter played 21 minutes, shot 6 times hit two balls to get 6 points and four rebounds, sent a team-high 14 assists, while his presence Wizards 19 points margin of victory, the first section of the Wizards shot 41-22 scoring spree, he is also single-handedly instigated, 6 assists, the peak season, Wal averaging can After got 19.3 points in the previous quarter to reach 10 assists per game, Walter passing interest is getting bigger. Opening the game, the Wizards before four goals 3 assists from Walter Potter one person took three bullets from his hand to battle the enemy, the overall strength of the 76ers is not strong, the Wall resorted to such a performance soon led the team opened the points difference to double digits, 6 minutes 15 seconds, the Wall distance shot hit, followed by help Gortat dunks, a single kick Wal six assists, the Wizards team-leading 19 points, the outcome basically no suspense.

Over the past quarter, the Wizards make the playoffs, the Raptors swept the first round, the second round was defeated by the Eagles, they never failed to reach the East, the biggest reason is that Wal-Mart in the series against the Hawks missed three games in which three Wizards games 1 wins, 2 losses, he played seven games in the playoffs, the Wizards 5-2, he averaged 17.4 points not only, but also sent out 11.9 assists. Modern basketball rhythm faster, more investment
website and more three-pointers, such as Curry scoring point guard into the mainstream, a pass-first point guard disappearing old school. Paul is the representative of the old school point guard, but during the last quarter of the regular season, all play sessions over 50 players in the field, averaging Wall pass up to 71.1 times more than Paul. To the playoffs, averaging Wall to 78.6 times the number of passes, leading the second Mingluo Si 8.4 times. It can be said, if not his injury, perhaps the Cavaliers East must face is that the Wizards, for the upcoming season, the Wizards goal is still red crown. Wall into the state soon, the preseason four games, three games were getting at least nine assists, after today, he still came back the second section
nba mt points of the main attack to mobilize the team, even Humphries take his third shot the ball He can hit.

Half-time 15 minutes, Walter has sent 10 assists, easy side battles for Bill sent pass, like Wal-Mart did not intend to sell, and the score still leading the Wizards over 20 points, in this section of the middle Wall pass even sent twice after Buzz score climax, the Wizards will be worse once opened to 33 points, 6 minutes 01 seconds, the Wall was replaced rest, even though he can only get 6 points, Up to 14 assists for the Wizards
NBA 2K16 My Team Points team ahead still win the match. Distal both sides rotation wars, better to see the value of the Wall. Wizards did his offensive system collapse across the board, was the 76ers continuous play counterattack climax, if it is big enough lead, the Wizards will not necessarily be reversed 76, on the sidelines watching his teammates Walter quietly on the floor play, it was also very clear that he needs to assume responsibility for the new season, and may be more severe than last season.

Odom has been foreign media exposed brain death

Jinghua Times were taken to hospital more than two days after the US NBA star Lamar Odom is still in critically ill state. According to US media broke the news, Odom has been unconscious brain death, but the news has
nba mt buy not been confirmed by the hospital. Odom, 35, earlier in an entertainment syncope, in the past two days, news Odom of constant reports about the progress of the disease, all about dying, organ failure, and rely on ventilator to maintain, brain
cheap 2k16 mt swelling very dangerous message. According to US media broke the news, a person familiar with the matter said,
nba 2k16 mt ‘Odom, there were no brain activity.’ And another added: ‘Odom has been brain-dead, after repeated testing, his brain did not have any reaction . ‘In addition, Odom kidney failure has also been, he has been doing dialysis. Another foreign media reports, local time Wednesday night Odom, who hold over Kohler Kardashian’s finger, then all this rejoiced. But on Thursday, analysis, gives doctors pledge pot of cold water. Doctors said that this may be just a mindless activity.

Odom event is still the focus of major radio coverage of the United States, many stars as Odom blessing. Durant made a statement very Odom, ‘I’m honored, I was able to have the opportunity to become the 2010 World Championships teammate Lamar Odom, when he had just helped the Lakers win the NBA championship. He has no shelf, always like a big brother to take care of me. From him, I learned a lot of things these days, whenever I think about it, I could not sleep, I have a faith, hope all this can be solved.

(Jinghua Times reporter SUN Yong-jun)Related Harden support his girlfriend to accompany Odom Jinghua Times News Odom’s ‘ex-wife’ Kohler Kardashian is currently in Las Vegas hospital to accompany him. According to US media reports, Kardashian’s current boyfriend rocket headed star James Harden accompany support Kardashian Odom. Under US law, although they have each signed a divorce agreement, but Kardashian and Lamar Odom has not completed divorce proceedings, both in the legal sense it is still a couple, therefore Kardashian Odom transactions for there is discretion. Although in the past few years the two became quite stiff, but now at stake Odom, Kardashian has been chaperoned around. US media reports, the current boyfriend Kardashian, rocket headed star James Harden did not object. According to inside sources, to accompany his girlfriend weather Odom, Harden also expressed absolute support. ‘James (Harden) has told Kohler (Kardashian), accompanied by Odom in this matter, nothing to worry about his feelings.’ (Beijing Times reporter SUN Yong-jun)

Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is sick and tired of speaking about dancing

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks are tied 1-1 in their first-round playoff series, and Kevin Durant had a historically awful shooting night on Monday. All anybody desires to speak about, though, is Mavericks forward Charlie Villanueva (and Justin Anderson, but the rookie has largely gone unnoticed here) interrupting Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne’s pregame dance routine.After Monday’s game, Westbrook told reporters, “That’s for guys who don’t play.”Villanueva fired back, saying, “If you want to go dancing and stuff like that, go to a evening club, go to a club and dance. Go to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and be a dancer.” He said this in a Fox Sports video filmed in the back of a car.After Wednesday’s practice, Westbrook decided he did not want to keep the storyline going, via ESPN’s Royce Young:Westbrook: “If you guys want to speak about basketball, I’m open to that but I’m not going to keep speaking about dancing.”— Royce Young April 20, 2016Westbrook explained that “some guys want some attention, but I’m not going to give the guy no more attention.”Payne, however, was happy to talk about it. (good buy mt nba 2k16)He said that Villanueva and Anderson were definitely not going to stop them from dancing, via the Oklahoman’s Anthony Slater:Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne plan to keep dancing.