Heavy pound! Hengda buzzer signing Robinho will replace Alan

Robinho to come to the super is not a day two days of rumors, but once the target is the Guangzhou hengda. In June 30th, Robinho has announced the departure of the Santos team. At that time, the Brazilian media reports said the former Brazil international has infinitely close Hengda, because Hengda give he provide a contract for 3 years worth 12 million euros.
However, Hengda internal has not recognized the news. Also in charge of the Brazil national team coach Scolari did not recruit into the case, Scolari is unlikely to choose Robinho. However, the fact that the constant has not been interrupted and Robinho contact, and now it seems that the news is just a smoke bomb. Informed sources also analysis, does not exclude in a game before LVL sudden injury, let Hengda final determination must sign a playmaker, otherwise attack now no one has available.
Finally, in the two transfer window is about to close, or decided to sign a contract with Robinho. As a result, the Brazil international has become a world-class player coming to china. After the arrival of Robinho, will replace the team in addition to a Brazilian foreign aid Alan, this also means that rumors will leave the foreign aid South Korea Kim eng will stay with the team.
Guangzhou Hengda official announcement

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On 16 July 2015 (Brazil local time on July 16) afternoon, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club Taobao officially announced formally signed with active Brazil international Robson de Sosa Robinho (Robson de Souza Robinho), Robinho are free to join, contract for a period of six months, have the priority to renew in the club after the expiration of the contract. The players will wear the number 60 shirt in, after passing a medical examination in July 20th to Guangzhou with his team mates. So far, the club work all over the summer.
Robinho, born in January 25, 1984, 31 years old, height 172cm, weight 60kg. Robinho debut in Santos football club, has to play for Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan and other top European clubs. Over the past decade has been one of the core players of the Brazilian national team, on behalf of the national team played 90 games and scored 26 goals.

Special comment: Zhang Xizhe frustrated is still a little warning of China’s pride

Bundesliga giants Wolfsburg officials announced that formal and Zhang Xizhe break up, Chinese players Zhang Xizhe to return, return to Beijing Guoan. For the Zhang Xizhe that leave Wolfsburg expressed endless regret, general manager Klaus Allofs says, “in our recent training and competition, Zhang Xizhe state very good. However, this is his wish, he wants to return to his old club, because he wants to get into the Chinese national team. We have a good foundation of cooperation between Beijing and the national security, so we agreed to Zhang Xizhe’s request. Wolfsburg’s goal will not change, will continue to focus on attracting new fans in China, and to enhance the visibility of Wolfsburg.”
At the same time, Wolfsburg press officer Materna for Zhang Xizhe has failed to keep the team expressed the feelings of regret, “I am Zhang Xizhe expressed regret, last summer he behaved well. If I were you, I will insist on half of the season, if the winter is still not to consider. I think he still has a chance, but he himself has lost confidence, I also wish him success in the national security.” Whether is Klaus Allofs, or Materna, from them is not difficult to see, they to Zhang Xizhe is very recognized, is disappointed, Zhang Xizhe did not insist on down, in front of the difficulty, chose to retreat. Eventually made a return to Beijing Guoan’s decision, which is obviously a make people disappointed.
From joined Wolfsburg to departure, Zhang Xizhe in Germany spent time of half an year, although not race debut in, but he is the pride of the people of, after all, over the past six months, — Zhang Xizhe fill the five major league for four years without the blank of Chinese players! , of course, the failure of Zhang Xizhe Liuyang also from the side proved that he represents the top players in China, no strength gain a firm foothold in the lineup for the best teams in Europe, the gap is still very obvious. Last season, the players compete with Zhang Xizhe played basically is top star, in the position of attacking midfielder and playmaker. First is player de bruyne, xuerle, perisic and Vieri Jani etc..
Actually, the Zhang Xizhe that failure is obvious, his strength far Wolfsburg midfielder average, past a season Wolf fort get runners up in the Bundesliga and for the first time in the history won the German Cup champion, and reached the UEFA Cup quarter finals, which match at home against Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg or 4-1 to kill pain Bayern Munich to know the strength of the great king, the king of the south is one of the strongest European football as one of four teams! Landing like giants such as Wolfsburg and of course good, but you have to have enough strength after both Dong Fangzhuo is Hao Junmin, have in European giants played, but the end result is, Manchester United and Schalke 04 were due to their lack of strength will be the cleaning, they fail and return.

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In Asian football, to gain a foothold in Europe’s top club players less, Park Ji-Sung, Kagawa Shinji, Honda Keisuke and Hatomo Yuto and other players can only be said to be a minority, most of them choose the players Liuyang is the second and three current club, such as Yoshida Maya, Li Qinglong and Sun Xingmin, are slowly on the so-called weak, and some achievements in European football, and even some Japanese players such as goalkeeper Kawashima Nagatsugu joined the club from Belgium, the so-called five big league, no empty fame, the pursuit of giants there, they accept the temper of European football, the strength level gradually improved; one can’t eat fat, slowly on the kingly way, this is to prepare Liuyang the Chinese player a warning.
Back to look at Zhang Xizhe, even if he the Liuyang fails, for his career, is precious wealth, he clearly their strength in which grades, aged 24 years old, he is still very young, and study abroad opportunities, waiting for the time is ripe, once again choose to study abroad, set up his own point of view and the position will certainly gain success.

FC Bayern star replaced the controller angry FIFA player

When FIFA, the blood boiling already up when the ball is not in the gate. A player has now destroyed his controller and requested damages by Mario Götze, because this should have failed in the game from the penalty spot. On Facebook, the FC Bayern star actually understanding communicated to send him “a package”.

In the 90th minute to the FIFA players have missed a late penalty with Mario Götze, it says in his Facebook post. There, he aimed directly at Idol and demands compensation for the broken controller that he had destroyed. Sometimes he says: “My account information I will send you tomorrow.”

Although it was the fault of the player to shoot the penalty and destroy the controller, Mario Götze responded sympathetically. He wants to compensate him at all and probably send him a new controller. You read Gacheru Facebook post in detail further down in the article.

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FIFA 16: the hardware specifications of the PC version are served

If you are one of those few people who are not yet completely diverted licence FIFA on PC, given the few cases did generally Electronic Arts of this version, rejoice: if not without bugs, the next frame that happens should at least be some resource-intensive.

The hardware specifications of the FIFA 16 PC version come in fact to be disclosed, and they are almost a copy and paste from those that had been issued to FIFA 15. The good news, so it that the game remains undemanding. The bad is that it should not attend a festival of additional graphics effects on PC screens, compared with what already existed.

More specifically and for the minimum configuration required, we find:

CPU Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3. 1 GHz
4 GB of RAM
15 GB of available storage space
Choice, an AMD Radeon HD 5770 graphics card or an NVIDIA GTX 650
64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1
And on the side of the recommended specifications, this is little more binding:

An Intel i5 – 2550K @ 3.4 GHz CPU
8 GB of RAM
15 GB of available storage space
Choice, AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics card or an NVIDIA GTX 460
64-bit Windows 8/8.1/10
Side release date, the game is still stalled on September 24, all media confused.

Coupe du monde : Les athlètes féminines méritent mieux payé

Dimanche dernier, histoire de l’équipe fait de national de football féminin des Etats-Unis en devenant la première équipe à remporter la Coupe du monde trois fois.

Dans une victoire de 5-2 au Japon — une équipe il avait précédemment perdu à lors du dernier match du tournoi Coupe du monde 2011, l’équipe américaine a dominé avec une stratégie agressive d’attaque et la défense impressionnante.

Aux États-Unis a démontré extraordinaire et mon habileté remarquable tout au long du jeu, avec Carli Lloyd même son troisième but marqué par la ligne médiane à 13 minutes en. C’était vraiment un jeu passionnant à regarder.

Et ce n’est pas seulement lors des tournois où les athlètes féminines sont payés moins. Les joueurs professionnels dans la Ligue de Soccer National des femmes auraient des échelles salariales entre 6 000 $ à 30 000 $, et chaque équipe a un chapeau de salaire de 200 000 $. En comparaison, le plafond salarial de la Major League Soccer en 2014 était $ 3,1 millions.

C’est un écart salarial surprenante — l’un des plus grands dans n’importe quel milieu de travail dans le pays.

Le problème n’est pas seulement se produire dans le football, soit. Pendant des années, les femmes ont fait moins dans le golf et de basket, avec des salaires qui pâle en comparaison avec ceux des athlètes masculins, selon la Fondation des femmes sportives.

Il y a quelques exceptions près, dans les sports comme le tennis et le patinage artistique dames. La corrélation semble provenir de temps d’antenne, avec les stations de télévision de réseau ne pas valoriser sport féminin tout aussi avec les hommes. Annonceurs sont moins susceptibles d’investir dans les jeux qui recueillir faible fréquentation, et ainsi, les réseaux sont réticents à voir les têtes qui ne sera pas obtenir suffisamment de revenus intérêts ou ad.

Donc je suppose que la partie du problème réside avec nous tous. Pourquoi l’Amérique est tellement désintéressée dans le sport féminin ?

Bien sûr, nous connaissons déjà la réponse. Tout au long de l’histoire, sportifs ont été considérés comme une activité exclusive pour les hommes. Les petits garçons étaient censés pour jouer de football, de soccer et de baseball, tandis que les petites filles ont joué poupées ou robe vers le haut.

Femmes, depuis si longtemps, n’étaient pas autorisées à jouer sur des équipes sportives professionnelles. Ce n’était pas jusqu’en 1972, lorsque le Président Nixon signé titre IX de la modification de l’éducation, que les équipes de sports collégiaux de nombreuses femmes ont été formées. Coupe première féminine de la FIFA du monde n’a pas été tenue jusqu’en 1991, et la première saison de la WNBA n’a pas commencé qu’en 1997. Même, il a fallu attendre 2000 pour former la Ligue de Football de National de la femme.

Comme société, nous avons principalement poussé les athlètes masculins dans le feu des projecteurs. Demandez à quelqu’un dans la rue qui LeBron James ou Tom Brady est et il ou elle peut vous répondre immédiatement. Mais, à l’exception de quelques athlètes telles Serena Williams, combien de personnes pouvait nommer quelques-uns des meilleurs joueuses du pays ? Pouvez-vous nommer le plus haut gradé équipe WNBA cette année ? Pouvez-vous nommer les vainqueurs de la tournée de la Ladies Professional Golf Association 2014 ?Click here for more news http://www.futcoins.fr/