“Nitrogen Racing Online” Reviews: full speed straight line winds

“Nitrogen Racing Online” (Nitro Nation Online) is a people’s blood boiling racing game. The only drag racing for the level of play, but drag racing is not as simple as the throttle in the end, the player must accurately grasp the timing of the shift, the shift will lose speed early, late shift will make the engine stall. In addition, a variety of real models of the game, the freedom to customize the appearance and upgrade components also highlight.

Game screen: ★★★★ ☆
The game uses a realistic style, screen design, in the game which provides more than 20 car brand’s variety of popular models for the racing enthusiasts, Mercedes – Benz / AMG, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Jaguar, etc. and other famous international brands will appear in the game, but also from ordinary car models to ultra-running everything, and for the use of iOS devices will be exclusive 3 players exclusive models, namely MiniCoupé John Cooper Works, Ford Shelby GT500 and Pagani Huayra, which is on other platforms, oh no.
Gameplay: ★★★★
In the traditional game which requires players racing games are often in a professional track or cross country track speed competition with rivals on a track running down the less have twelve minutes, a long track experience required time more numerous, elements on a track with these very much need to be considered, such as how to successfully complete the next corner, in what place they can better overtaking and so on, but in this as among the players no need to consider These complex issues, because the game which has one and only one game mode – drag racing, and I believe that some of the older players racing game for this type of game already very familiar.

In this event among the players to do is a smooth start and at the right time to complete the hanging file on it, when the game starts, the first thing to do is is to complete the hot car and a smooth start, and which will appear on the screen speedometer, then the player can click on the accelerator keys so that when the game starts, the pointer is in the perfect start in the green range. And after the completion of the start, the players have to do is when the speed reaches a value corresponding click-gear button, to minimize the loss of speed in the shift change, and eventually the first to cross the finish line.

Gameplay: ★★★★
Among them, the story mode game, the street race mode, practice mode and so many modes for players to challenge, to win the game when the player will receive the appropriate monetary rewards, as the game progresses, players will increasingly have to face opponents The stronger, then the player should own a car upgrade, after upgrading the car’s performance will be improved. In addition, players can also be purchased at the store were more robust performance of new cars, but some vehicles is limited to the level of the player, the player needs after reaching a certain level before they can unlock the purchase.

If elements in other traditional racing game which requires a lot of consideration, then in the “nitrogen Racing Online” which players will experience the most pure speed to bring adrenal stimulation, players do not even need the vehicle turns, and race the length of the channel is relatively short, so the timing for start-up and hold hanging files is particularly important. And the game which players can also join the team and compete with players around the world, and in the rankings among the forefront as far as possible. The game is already free in the Apple store shelves, interested players to experience the game can be downloaded.

Jian Wang 3 “The first 1: 8 hand man of God leaves the British Post Office on Senate

“JX Online Triple” (hereinafter referred to as “Jian Wang 3”) Official surrounding days Mania Great Britain suzerain leaf in hand to do will be listed in 2015 while in the country and Japan. The standard for systemic use 20CM and 1: 8 ratio of gold, while the first use of 3D printing technology as a mold reference, standard Japanese craft crafted, the first physical proof (non-final) release, preview it together!

Ye Ying to Taiwan free hand to do a full height of about 200mm, the proportion of 1/8 for painting the finished product PVC. Readily office comes to Taiwan, “Jianzhong” weapons in the hands can be replaced.

Ye Ying hand to do a prototype division jointly held by “Jian Wang 3” 3D art and designer of the original painting. In order to restore the height of game characters, to everyone showing authentic classic hand-done, Ye Ying hand to do this batch using the 3D modeling and printing technology in the production process. After 3D art designer combines traditional hand-done some experience using 3D modeling, the British set up a leaf in the game is modeled three-dimensional model, and the use of 3D printing technology the mold, for which specializes in traditional crafts teacher who had reference.

Hand to do the floor section, the implant two-dimensional code AR system paladin can interact with the 3D virtual character by mobile camera. Prior to exposure of the original painting of Ye Yingpei sword will also be in the form of an unexpected reduction, so stay tuned!

“Jian Wang 3” new piece of information “Chivalry universe” April 20 beta Sheng Kai, day policy Shaoxia and mentoring new social system invites tasting, fun world with adorable pet released in stages, as well as “fantasy cloud” new perspective and so you tasting! big event linkage online and offline, “knight-line” is about to open, create players around rivers and lakes, 1,200 years ago to reproduce the flourishing knight-line, more secrets behind the upcoming exposure, so stay tuned!

Giant strategy masterpiece “3D journey” Companies beta demo leaked photos

Not long ago, the giant network announced new tour this year end travel plate layout among the most popular players attention is undoubtedly a giant sign “journey” series of the first 3D sequel – “3D journey.” And just yesterday, this made the strategic level, quietly opened the flagship of the company’s internal tests. It is understood that this test is a technical test only internal staff involved in the giant network, intended to test the game’s core gameplay and the main function, and is about to launch the next round of external testing “to lay the foundation.”

As a giant network enduring flagship, the “journey” series not only in the earliest creating a new generation business model, the decade is to create a number of data myth, its influence can be described as penetration inside and outside the industry, suffering from 2D players countless praise. Because of this high level of confidentiality of internal testing, currently highlights on “3D journey” of play and the key feature is not sufficient. According to “3D journey” market responsible person said, the game inherits history of the “journey” the core gameplay – the essence of the national war games are played as a giant first 3D of the “journey”, more R & D team will make full use of the latest 3D engine technology, to make up for the ages “journey” did not achieve regret.

Also worth mentioning is that, from the various departments executives down to line level employees, even the security brother and aunt canteen to more than 1,000 people have joined the ranks of internal testing among such a vast beta momentum and panic solemn Attitude is the industry’s rare enough. On the one hand this reflects the considerable importance to this giant of all “3D journey” internal testing, according to insiders broke the news, the giant network president Ji Xuefeng had personally Story, and called on all employees to seriously participate in the experience, and even issued “if slack, will be Zhongcheng” The military order. On the other hand, the internal motivation and internal communications both former efforts have reached a 2010 “journey 2” have never been to match the highest level, which is pervasive, information on its back in the open beta test the previous week on the continuing “tyrants field”, taking each visible publicity carrier within the company. I believe the Giants staff carrying unique feelings and the majority of players are looking forward to the “3D journey”, it will shine in the near future, for everyone to turn in a satisfactory answer.

But a small number of precious harvest still risked internal demo photos. Browse for more than Tucao the majority of players, everyone can enjoy the advance to “3D journey,” the mysterious style. Of course you want to keep abreast of the more “3D journey” bit by bit, you can directly visit the official website website (3d.ztgame.com).

About “3D journey”:

“3D journey” is a giant first-class next generation of 3D masterpiece, gift decade journey to carry the tripod. As 2015 strategic-level flagship product, the Giants invited top R & D team concentrated giant system, relying on independent property rights to build next-generation engine for the country as much as overseas players to bring a new AAA gaming experience! Boundless world of seamless journey, million people in the country battle sea and air, but not fast breaking super visual choreography, film-like images reinterpreted sloppily. Breakthrough is now! Extreme, in “3D journey”!

May farewell disease you are the best! Dream Tower Defense Huihun big move

Recently I am not feeling loss of appetite could not eat, often unresponsive and no interest, life is lazy and do not want to go out, but also inexplicable depression and irritability? This is sick, sick in May! This disease, ah, professional approach to governance. May farewell disease you are the best! “Dream Tower Defense” Huihun big move, lost soul in “Dream Tower Defense” all back –

In “Dream tower defense” in the world, the generals want to set, players can get through a variety of methods, pass card capture, copy of the fall, debris synthesis or mall to buy generals card and so on many forms, including Wu soul collecting debris is the most common way.

However, we want to collect high-quality “Dream Tower Defense” Wuhun debris (that is, blue and purple grade grade Wuhun debris), which requires you to know exactly where they hide and get their way, “Dream Tower Prevention “soul together this collection Dafa leveling!

May farewell disease you are the best! Dream Tower Defense Huihun big move
02- Dream tower defense generals blue soul get

* Purgatory tower obtain juvenile Zhao purple soul

* Registration system available Ling Tong purple soul

* V Weekly VIP package provided Big Joe’s purple soul

* Challenge Reputation exchange shops supplied generals blue and purple soul soul

Currently available generation generals (refers to a military commander can carry) route in “Dream tower defense” can be obtained as follows:

Joe magic attack: must, Chapter 2 will be a 2-5 star, 80-story tower will fall purgatory, reduce injury aura, a mall sale.

Zan armed attack type: Chapter 1 star will be out 1-5, will send a first punch and a crit proficient skills, Purgatory 60-story tower will fall, there is a remote attack aura, a mall sale.

Big Joe force attack: the current spree has sent members of purple soul, no rings, no mall.

Vulcan force attack: Chapter 3 stars will be out 3-5, Purgatory 70-storey tower will fall, IAS aura, a mall sale.

Ling Tong force attack: Chapter 4 stars will be out 4-7 melee attack aura, a mall sale.

Xu Shu magic attack: Chapter 5 stars will be out 5-6, mana regeneration aura, Dukang green quality sold at the pub, a mall sale.

To ban force attack: Chapter 6 6-6 will be a star, a copy of the Battle of Xuzhou will drop, slow down the aura, Dukang green quality sold at the pub, a mall sale.

Lu Su spell assisted: Chapter 7 7-7 will be a star, a copy Shouchun battle will drop back to the blood ring, the only plus auxiliary generals blood, Dukang blue quality sold at the pub, a mall sale.

Gai force human shields: Chapter 8, the star will be out 8-6, armor halo, Dukang purple quality sale at the pub, a mall sale.

Teenager Zhang Feiwu force attack: Chapter 9, the star will be out 9-7, Vampiric Aura, a mall sale.

Juvenile Zhaoyun Wu force attack: Purgatory Tower Drop purple soul, dodge aura, a mall sale.

Diao spell assisted: currently only mall sale, skill damage aura.