Jian Wang 3 “The first 1: 8 hand man of God leaves the British Post Office on Senate

“JX Online Triple” (hereinafter referred to as “Jian Wang 3”) Official surrounding days Mania Great Britain suzerain leaf in hand to do will be listed in 2015 while in the country and Japan. The standard for systemic use 20CM and 1: 8 ratio of gold, while the first use of 3D printing technology as a mold reference, standard Japanese craft crafted, the first physical proof (non-final) release, preview it together!

Ye Ying to Taiwan free hand to do a full height of about 200mm, the proportion of 1/8 for painting the finished product PVC. Readily office comes to Taiwan, “Jianzhong” weapons in the hands can be replaced.

Ye Ying hand to do a prototype division jointly held by “Jian Wang 3” 3D art and designer of the original painting. In order to restore the height of game characters, to everyone showing authentic classic hand-done, Ye Ying hand to do this batch using the 3D modeling and printing technology in the production process. After 3D art designer combines traditional hand-done some experience using 3D modeling, the British set up a leaf in the game is modeled three-dimensional model, and the use of 3D printing technology the mold, for which specializes in traditional crafts teacher who had reference.

Hand to do the floor section, the implant two-dimensional code AR system paladin can interact with the 3D virtual character by mobile camera. Prior to exposure of the original painting of Ye Yingpei sword will also be in the form of an unexpected reduction, so stay tuned!

“Jian Wang 3” new piece of information “Chivalry universe” April 20 beta Sheng Kai, day policy Shaoxia and mentoring new social system invites tasting, fun world with adorable pet released in stages, as well as “fantasy cloud” new perspective and so you tasting! big event linkage online and offline, “knight-line” is about to open, create players around rivers and lakes, 1,200 years ago to reproduce the flourishing knight-line, more secrets behind the upcoming exposure, so stay tuned!